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Wiping As Intended of Auchindoun

Wiping As Intended has been created to clear all current content and get ready for the Pandastorm

We are a semi hard core guild that puts on a serious head for raiding, but are non elitist, mature and friendly with a very strong social side to the guild. The guild consists of members ranging from 18 through to those who would rather forget birthdays exist :)

We come from Kul Tiras where we were in the top 3 guilds on the server and had some notable server firsts, Sinestra being one of them. Unfortunately the server is now poorly populated and maintaining a 25 man raiding team at the standard we wanted was proving more and more difficult. After dropping down to 10 man for a while it was decided that we needed to find a new home if we were going to build a strong raiding team for MoP.

Our aim is to build a strong reliable raiding team while having an active and friendly guild. We want progression, but we also want to enjoy the game and have some fun along the way.

Guild Applications

We welcome applications from experienced and exceptional players of any class. At this stage of the current expansion you should ideally have an absolute minimum of 3 bosses on heroic difficulty (preferably 6 or 7) and gear that reflects this level of raiding.
Our Raid days are currently Wednesday and Thursday, 20.00 to 23.30 server time with raid invites starting at 19.45. Raid days may increase with the launch of MoP. We also have several alt/casual runs throughout the week.
We have recently migrated here and are currently building our raiding team in preparation for MoP. Please make sure you read our guild rules before you apply.

Death Knight Death Knight
Druid Druid
Hunter Hunter
Mage Mage
Paladin Paladin
Priest Priest
Rogue Rogue
Shaman Shaman
Warlock Warlock
Warrior Warrior
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Welcome to your new guild
11/03/2011 10:47 AM by Shanra
Please read up on the guild rules and introduce yourself on the forums :)


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    05/04/2012 11:01 AM

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